Become a Therapy Dog Team

Learn how to become a registered therapy dog team and visit schools, libraries, businesses, assisted-living homes, hospitals and/or hospices.

Service, Emotional Support and Therapy Dogs

Learn the difference between service dogs, emotional support dogs, and therapy dogs, and where you can take them under U.S. law.

Muka's Dog Tricks Video

Watch Muka's tricks show he performs in hospital waiting rooms. And please note that therapy dogs do not have to do tricks!

Peter Christensen
Vancouver, WA

Muka's Dog Tricks Video

Muka performing his tricks (8:55)

Become a Therapy Dog Team

Visiting in an assisted living home

You will find complete information on how to become a registered, insured therapy dog team on the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) website at TherapyDogs.com. Click on Join, then Be a Member.

For a quick overview, scroll down and read What Makes a Good Therapy Dog?, then watch the video. The video shows therapy dogs visiting in a facility, as well as the test you and your dog must pass.

The test is conducted by a Tester/Observer, and after you pass you will accompany the Tester/Observer on three visits to a facility they regularly visit with their dog. This process ensures that you and your dog are suited for this type of volunteer work, and that you will enjoy visiting safely.

For complete information, scroll back up the page and click on Download Membership Forms. The membership package includes ATD's regulations and an application.

Please let me know if I can help you with any questions! You will surely find that in sharing your dog's love you will be helpless to give more than you receive.

Mukaluka Dirtypaws, visiting in a hospital

Pukalu, my second therapy dog